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Poppy Seeds. Papaver Paeoniflorum. Peony poppies. Double blossoms are Simply.......Beautiful!! Plant in Spring or Fall. 100 poppy seeds
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    Papaver Paeoniflorum – Red and White Striped (100 seeds) This variety of Papaver Paeoniflorum is a truly stunning variety that offers decadence and a sense of luxury to any garden. Huge double petalled flowers have a beautiful creamy white hue to them with a stunning marbling of red highlights, making this flower one of the most gorgeous around. Red and White Striped is an absolutely fantastic variety for any garden and will fit into most planting schemes with ease. Cottage gardens and sophisticated palettes will really benefit from having this flower amongst other plants, while even tropical borders will be delighted with a splash of this lovely colored poppy which will act as a pale accent. Growing with ease in most soil types, Red and White Striped is an annual variety of poppy which will flower and seed with abundance throughout the gardening year. Naturally self sowing, seeds can also be collected and stored before planting them in the fall or early spring for the best results. And with 100 poppy seeds in this packet of Red and White Striped Papaver Paeoniflorum, this beautiful flower will be amazing visitors in no time.
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