Poppy Seeds - Lavender Semi- Double E5

Poppy seeds. Papaver Somniferum. Breadseed Poppies. Annual Flowers. New Variety! Very pretty! Feathery petals in gorgeous shades of pure lavender to deepest purple at the centers. Semi-double flowers reach about 4 inches wide. Amazing! 100 poppy seeds.
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    Papaver Somniferum – Lavender Semi-Double Poppy Seeds A member of the Papaver Somniferum poppies family, Lavender Semi-Double is an incredible showy new variety of poppy seeds in hues of purple and white. With a flower reaching up to four inches, the outer petals of white offer a beautiful backdrop to the mass of feathered, lavender hued petals at the centre. And with a pale green pollen center creating even more contrast with the flower, Lavender Semi-Double is a stunning variety to include in garden collections. Growing to between two and three feet, this Breadseed variety is brilliant for adding a touch of the exotic alongside pastel and sophisticated tones to a garden. Used in large groups it will create an incredible sight of flowers seemingly exploding into life. Also known as a Florist poppy, Lavender Semi-Double also produces architectural seed pods as its petals fade. Perfect for using in flower arranging these can also be left on the plant through the cold winter months, where snow, frost, and dew will cling to them in beautiful style. An annual variety of poppy Lavender Semi-Double is easy to grow, thriving in most garden soils. Seeds can be collected for sowing in the fall or early spring, or pods can be left on plants so that they can self seed. And with this fantastic packet of 100 poppy seeds, this luxurious bloom can be brought to any garden to add a little extravagance.
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