Poppy Seeds Heavenly Angels Peony Poppies D1

Poppy Seeds Heavenly Angels Peony Poppies D1

Poppy Seeds. Papaver Paeoniflorum Mix. Mixed Annual Flowers. Four of our best selling Peony Poppies together in one easy mix for you. This is a gorgeous mix of HUGE frilled, double peony poppies in beautiful shades of Red, Purple(Black), Pink and White. Annual. 500 poppy seeds.
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    Papaver Paeoniflorum – Heavenly Angels (500 seeds) In this beautiful packet of Papaver Paeoniflorum, four of the most decadent species of poppy in this family are offered to add a vibrant mix to any collection. In show stopping style this collection of large, double petalled poppies will stop all visitors in their tracks, as flowers of pink, white, red, and purple offer an extravagant display. With all the varieties of Papaver Paeoniflorum in this packet offering huge flowers up to five inches across, they will need some means of support. However, taking care to do this will ensure that these two to three foot high spectacular poppies showcase their dazzling flowers as best they can. Spread throughout a border they will draw the eye from one eye popping flower to the next, while planted together will create a stunning and decadent showcasing feature. All annual species, this Papaver Paeoniflorum packet of Heavenly Angels will flower abundantly throughout the year before creating ripe pods full of seed for sowing. Sowing these 500 poppy seeds in the fall or early spring will result in strong seedlings, ready to take any garden to another level of flowering extremes.
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