Poppy Seeds - Grape Papaver somniferum E1

Papaver Somniferum Poppy Seeds. Annual Poppies. Rich Deep Purple blooms are produced in abundance, and once spent, reveal large seed heads suitable for dried flower arrangements. Very pretty breadseed poppy. 100 poppy seeds.
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    Papaver Somniferum – Grape (100 seeds) A member of the Breadseed family, Laurens Grape is a beautiful specimen of poppy which brings a rich and deep grape purple hue to the garden border. Rich purple single petals deepen to an even dark hue at their centers, contrasting magnificently with the pale green pollen granules. Wonderful in any garden, Laurens Grape is a beautiful poppy which is equally at home in a pot as it is in the border. Growing to between three and four foot tall, this variety of Papaver Somniferum adds an important height element to any garden. Lifting blooms into the air, its delicately grape purple flowers will flutter above any garden border, offering a rich hue and a soft atmosphere. Meanwhile, as petals fall, Laurens Grape reveals a stunning and sculptural seed pod, ideal for using in flower arranging. Alternatively this can be left on the plant throughout the winter, catching the snow, frosts, and morning dew and adding a magical surprise to the winter wonderland. An annual poppy, Laurens Grape will flower abundantly throughout the year before producing a large number of seeds which can be collected and stored, or left to self seed. Easy to grow, this packet of 100 poppy seeds will ensure a multitude of new flowers for any garden if sowing in the fall or early spring. And with Laurens Grape’s beautiful hues, it will transform any patch in no time.
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