Poppy Seeds -  Flemish Antique Peony Poppies C5

Poppy Seeds - Flemish Antique Peony Poppies C5

Poppy Seeds. Papaver Paeoniflorum. Annual Poppies. Tightly packed petals burst from buds that seem too small to hold such luxuriant flowers. The double cream colored petals are stitched with cherry red. 100 poppy seeds.

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    Papaver Paeoniflorum – Flemish Antique (100 seeds) An absolutely stunning variety from the Papaver Paeoniflorum family, Flemish Antique is a beautiful annual poppy which brings any garden to life. Whilst looking to be bursting with cherry colored flowers, on closer inspection individual petals are actually cream with a bright pinky red lacing. With large double blossoms spanning four to five inches, these fantastic poppies will bring a touch of elegance and show to any border. Growing between two and three foot in height, Flemish Antique requires some support due to the weight of its beautiful and blousy flowers. It is an absolutely stunning border plant, and mixed with other species of poppy, especially those in cream, white, or pale pink tone, will create a fantastic girly border exploding with personality. Annual in their characteristic, Flemish Antique will flower easily and produce seeds at the end of the season. These can be collected and stored before sowing in fall or early spring, or can be left on the stems to self seed. With this pack of 100 seeds, this great variety of Papaver Paeoniflorum can be incorporated in large number into any garden, bringing a beautiful and rich cherry to liven up even the blankest of flower beds.

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