Poppy Seeds - Double Shirley Papaver Rhoeas H9

Poppy Seeds - Double Shirley Papaver Rhoeas H9

Papaver Rhoeas Poppy Seeds. Double Shirley Poppies. Annual Poppy Flowers. A sweet sweet mix of beautiful crinkled double and semi double poppies. Colors include pink, rose, salmon and scarlet. Stunning when massed on garden edge. Easy to grow in the traditional border or in tubs.Poppy seed pack is 1/8 tsp.
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    Papaver Rhoeas – Double Shirley A beautiful mixed packet of seeds, the Papaver Rhoeas Double Shirley variety is a great addition to any plant and poppy collection. Offering a range of blooms in colors of scarlet, salmon, pink, and rose, these plants have semi doubled and crinkled petals, providing a fantastic show stopping specimen for any garden space. Growing to between two and three feet tall, Double Shirley thrives easily and puts on a stunning show of flowers from June until the first frosts appear. It is ideal for planting in large masses, with its lovely flowers intertwining with one another to create a patch of uplifting and wonderful color. Double Shirley is fantastic in a mixed border, a container, or even a wildflower meadow where the natural grasses will showcase these lovely flowers to even better effect than garden planting. An annual family of poppies, Papaver Rhoeas will flower well throughout the year before creating a large number of seeds which can be collected and stored for planting in the fall or early spring. Seeds are miniscule, so with this 1/8 tsp pack a fantastic array of seedlings can be produced to fill every corner of the garden with beautiful, corn poppy, blooms
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