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Poppy Seeds. Papaver Somniferum. Breadseed Poppy. Annual flowers. Showy, large, deeply fringed Scarlet blooms with Dark Magenta spots in the center make a spectacular display. Single Scarlet's colors are Deep and rich... Brilliant! Very Easy! Give rich soil, average water and full sun. A garden show-off guaranteed to attract attention! Plant in Spring or Fall. 100 poppy seeds
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    Papaver Somniferum – Single Scarlet Fringe One of the Papaver Somniferum varieties, Single Scarlet Fringe is a lovely poppy for anyone wanting to add a showy specimen to their garden. Offering beautiful shades of scarlet and magenta, Single Scarlet Fringe has large flowers with heavily fringed petals. In addition to its beautiful scarlet blooms with dark magenta spots, a pale green pollen center creates additional contrast to make this flower shine. Normally growing to a height of between two and three feet tall, Single Scarlet Fringe is a fantastic flower for creating drama and passion in a garden color palette. Included in a tropical bed of oranges, purples, and reds it is a fantastic complimentary plant. Meanwhile, planting with paler shades will really make its flowers pop. Single Scarlet Fringe is also known as a Florist or Breadseed poppy due to its fantastic seed pod which develops after the petals have fallen. This can be used to great effect in flower arranging, or alternatively left on plants for the winter season where frosts and snow will cling to it to create a magical feel. Easy to grow, Single Scarlet Fringe is an annual variety of poppy which will seed and flower throughout the year. Seeds can be collected, stored, and sown in the fall or early spring. And with this fantastic packet of 100 poppy seeds, this beautiful and drama creating flower can be brought to the garden in large numbers.
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