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Papaver Somniferum – Purple Fringe (100 seeds)A fantastically colored variety of Papaver Somniferum, Purple Fringe offers large blooms of fringed petals to the poppy collector. Petals are deep hues of purple shades, offset by the pale green pollen center. Meanwhile, flowers are also heavily fringed, adding an exotic and interesting element to Purple Fringe’s blooms.Perfect for a tropical flower border, Purple Fringe grows to a height of between two and three feet. Also named the Florist or Breadseed poppy is has an additional benefit in that, when its petals fall, it reveals a stunning sculptural seed pod. This can be used in flower arranging, or left on plants through the winter to create a magical element as frost, snow, and dew clings to the architectural shape. Growing well in most soil types, Purple Fringe is an annual variety of poppy which will flower abundantly through the year. Self seeding with ease, seeds can be collected and stored for later use. Sowing this packet of 100 seeds will have best results if done in the fall or early spring, and will ensure tropical and vibrant blooms for the garden throughout the season. 100 poppy seeds

  • Papaver Somniferum – Purple and Maroon Fringe 100

    A fantastic specimen from the Papaver Somniferum family, Purple and Maroon Fringe offers bicolor blooms for exquisite color. Large flowers are host to heavily feathered petals of maroon and purple shades, contrasted to even greater appeal by the blooms pale green pollen center. Growing to between two and three feet in height, Purple and Maroon Fringe brings large five inch flowers to any garden border, adding instant vibrant color. It is perfect for anyone wanting to create a tropical or hotbed look, with its hues working brilliantly alongside oranges, red, purples, and yellows. Also known as a Florist or Breadseed poppy, as its petals fall Purple and Maroon Fringe reveals a stunning seed pod which can be used in flower arranging to great effect. Alternatively it can be left on plants throughout the winter to collect the frosts, dew, and even snowfall to add a magical garden element. Annual in characteristic, Purple and Maroon Fringe will grow easily in most soil types. Happily flowering throughout the year it will produce seeds at the end of the season, self sowing if possible. These can also be collected and stored before sowing in the fall or early spring. With this packet of 100 seeds, a tropical feast can be included in any planting collection, with the hues of maroon and purple adding passion and an exotic twist. 100 count seed pack.

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