Poppy Flower Seeds - Pink Feathers F8

Poppy Flower Seeds - Pink Feathers F8

Papaver Laciniatum. Annual flowers. Something special for all of you poppy lovers! Laciniatum is a beautiful full poppy with feathery double flowers up to 5 inches wide. Soft feathery petals dance in the breeze. 100 poppy seeds.
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    Papaver Laciniatum Poppy Seeds – Pink Feathers A very showy and colorful variety of Papaver Laciniatum poppies, Pink Feathers is a gorgeous specimen for adding a bit of glitz and glamour to any garden border or container. With large flowers of between four and five inches, this bloom is tightly packed with feathery double bright pink petals, making it an incredible specimen for any collection. Growing to between two and three feet tall, Pink Feathers throws its beautiful blooms into the air with bright pink and indulgence style. Soft delicate petals will ruffle in the gentle breeze, adding a fantastic additional element to the garden. Perfect for any girly, tropical, or sophisticated border, this variety of Papaver Laciniatum will have all visitors talking. Very easy to grow as long as it is not planted in waterlogged soils, Pink Feathers will produce a wonderful array of flowers throughout the year. Annual in characteristic it produces seeds easily which can be collected and stored, or left on the plant to self seed. Planting this packet of 100 poppy seeds is best done in the fall or early spring for the best results, and will bring a flamboyant and show stopping flower to any plant collection.
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