Poppy Flower Seeds - Hens and Chicks

Poppy Flower Seeds - Hens and Chicks

Poppy seeds. Papaver Somniferum. bread-seed Poppies. Annual Flowers. Also known as florist Poppy, bread-seed poppies produce incredibly showy, large single poppies. The flowers are followed by highly ornamental seed heads that are prized for floral arrangements. The seed heads are chocked-full of tiny seeds that are perfect for bread-making and baking. 
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    Papaver Somniferum – Hens and Chicks Poppy Seeds An intriguing member of the Papaver somniferum family, Hens and Chicks offers the gardener wonderful duel purpose plant. Beautiful blooms up to a stunning eight inches wide offer a fantastic poppy flower for the garden. Meanwhile, an interesting seed head arrangement creates a great sculptural addition to any garden. With large flowers, Hens and Chicks develops single petals of beautiful soft pink with burgundy centers. Growing to between three and four foot tall, these blooms will fill the air with a soft pastel shade, perfect for any cottage garden border or sophisticated color scheme. Meanwhile, as the petals drop, Hens and Chicks reveals a great architectural and intriguing seed pod. A large main seed head is surrounded by many smaller ones, giving this bread-seed variety it's cute name. Highly ornamental, these seed heads can be used in flower arranging, or even left on the plant throughout the winter months to catch the morning dew and frost with stunning effect. Very easy to grow, Hens and Chicks is an annual poppy variety that will thrive in most soils. Sowing in fall or early spring, this packet of poppy seeds will soon have any garden filled with color, before providing something intriguing to look at as the petals fall.
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