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Poppy Seeds. Papaver Paeoniflorum. Annual Poppy Flowers. Poppies. Rich Burnt Orange double blooms are produced in abundance. 3 foot tall plants. Up to 5 inch flowers. This is an extremely RARE variety and it is such a pleasure to be able to offer it to you. 50 poppy seeds.

Poppy Flower Seeds - Buy Burnt Orange Poppies B3

  • Buy Papaver Paeoniflorum – Burnt Orange Poppy Seeds An incredibly rare variety available to buy from the Papaver Paeoniflorum family, Burnt Orange is an exotic poppy for any garden. With beautiful peach melba colored petals, it produces flowers up to five inches across, making an extravagant show for both borders and pots. Burnt Orange grows to three feet tall and produces an amazing number of beautiful blooms. With doubled petals in a rich red orange hue these poppies are ideal for using in a tropical color palette. Alternatively, to show them off in their full glory, a pale cream or white poppy can be used alongside to really make Burnt Orange’s blooms pop out of a border with stunning effect. Easy to grow, Burnt Orange is an annual variety which will thrive in most garden settings. Sowing these 50 poppy seeds in the fall or early spring will encourage strong plants that will flower the year through. Meanwhile, as petals fade, this Papaver Paeoniflorum variety will produce a number of seeds, happily sowing itself around the garden. Alternatively these can be collected and stored to ensure that a garden is never without this wonderful tropical looking and rare poppy specimen.