Poppy Seeds Pink and White Papaver Breadseed Poppies L9

Poppy Seeds Pink and White Papaver Breadseed Poppies L9

Poppy seeds. Bread-seed Poppies. Papaver somniferum. Annual Flowers. Showy beautiful 3-4 inch pink and white flowers which are followed by pods filled with culinary white poppy seeds. One of the best papaver somniferum bread-seed poppies.
100 poppy seeds.
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    Papaver Somniferum – Pink/White Poppy Seeds A beautiful and pastel hued variety from the Papaver Somniferum family, Pink/White poppy seeds offer a showy flower that is ideal for many gardens. Giving a flower of between three and four inches, this is a fantastic plant which offers feathered petals of pastel pink with a crisp white base. And with a pale green pollen center that contrasts wonderfully with the bloom’s colors, this Papaver Somniferum variety is ideal for inclusion into any planting scheme. Bringing a lovely pastel pair of colors to the garden, Afghan Pink/White poppies are also known as a Breadseed or Florist poppy. Losing is petals to reveal an architectural seed pod packed with white seeds, it is commonly used as a specimen for flower arranging. Meanwhile, seed pods can be left on through the winter months, allowing frosts, dew, and snowfalls to cling to the sculptural shapes. Growing easily in most garden soil types, Afghan Pink/White is an annual poppy which will flower and seed well. Seeds can be collected and stored before sowing in the fall or early spring, or alternatively left on the plant in their pods to seed themselves. With this packet of 100 poppy seeds, this beautiful pastel inspired flower will quickly add fantastic color to any garden.
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