Papaver somniferum Pepperbox Flower Mix.  Single Breadseed Poppies.

Papaver somniferum Pepperbox Flower Mix. Single Breadseed Poppies.

Papaver Somniferum – Pepperbox Garden Poppies Single Mix.


A great packet of seeds for anyone who loves poppies in their garden, this Breadseed variety, Pepperbox, offers beautiful ornamental flowers in a range of colorful hues. Pinks, purples, and lilacs  will fill any garden, offering wonderful flowers to fill beds, and borders. 


Growing to a height of between three to four feet, Pepperbox is a fantastic addition to any garden planting scheme, offering an annual flower that will quickly produce delicate blooms to lift any garden area. In addition, Pepperbox produces a fantastic seed that can be used on breads and desserts, and if left to ripen gardeners can easily collect pods at the end of the season. Having a unique nutty aroma these seeds can be put to fantastic use in the kitchen, spreading them on savory breads, using in lemon-poppy seed pound cakes, or even as a sweet poppy seed dressing.


Very easy to grow, with the annual nature of the Papaver Somniferum family means that specimens will flower profusely and easily set seed. And with these garden packet available in your choice of 500, 1500 and 2500 seed count packs, your garden will be bursting with poppies for a lifetime.

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