Oriental Poppy Seeds - Princess Victoria Louise G3

Oriental Poppy Seeds. Papaver Orientale Poppies. Perennial flowers. Robust 3 foot tall perennial plants produce gorgeous, very large bright salmon-pink poppies with contrasting black blotches at the base of the petals. Simply beautiful. Princess Victoria Louise poppy is an unusual color that attracts gardeners who shy away from the brighter scarlet and orange shades. Stunning when massed in the garden. The huge 5 inch salmon-pink flowers harmonize well with rose-red, violet-blue, and soft blue. Perennial. Zones 3-9. 200 count seed pack. 
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    Oriental Poppies – Princess Victoria Louise Poppy Seeds Princess Victoria Louise is a lovely member of the Papaver Orientale family, offering large blooms of pale salmon pink. Fantastic for a soft cottage garden, or a sophisticated and chic garden palette, its dark coloration at the base of each petal contrast fantastically with its bloom hue, creating an interesting and eye catching flower. A beautiful specimen of poppy for any garden, Princess Victoria Louise is a perennial poppy plant which will thrive in zones 3-9. Coming back year after year, this variety will offer pastel colors to the garden after the spring bulb shows die away and the end of spring draws near. With a base of lovely foliage, flower stalks rise into the air up to three foot, wafting the delicate salmon pink blooms above a border with effortless ease. A great hardy poppy, members of the Papaver Orientale family are easily maintained and will grow well in most garden soils as long as they are well drained. Planted together, Princess Victoria Louise will create a fabulous sight of pale pink flowers floating in the air. Meanwhile, strewn through a border and combined with pale colors, a border of pastel ribbons can be formed. Planting seeds in the fall or spring, these 200 poppy seeds will ensure that a fantastic display of soft flowers lighten up the garden year after year.
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