Oriental Poppy Seeds - Fancy Feathers C3

Oriental Poppy Seeds - Fancy Feathers C3

Papaver Orientalis. Papaver Orientale Poppy Seeds. Oriental Poppies. Perennial Flowers. Flamingo Pink blossoms with heavily ruffled petals are borne on wiry, pubescent stems from late Spring thru early Summer. The petals have a crepe-like appearance and a satiny texture. Each flower can measure 4 to 6 inches across. In the center of the poppy flower rests a very large, velvety seed capsule surrounded by prominant, dark purple-black stamens. Altogether, these flowers steal the show when they are in bloom. Zones 3-9. 20 poppy seeds.
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    Papaver Orientale – Fancy Feathers Oriental Poppy Seeds A truly showy and decadent member of the Papaver Orientale family, Fancy Feathers is a stunning plant that will stop visitors in their tracks. A deep pink bloom with heavily feathered petals, the fantastic flowers of Fancy Feathers rise above a border on wiry stems. Looking as if they are simply hanging in the air, these decadent blooms are the perfect way to add a little personality and passion to any garden. A perennial specimen, Fancy Feathers is to be especially enjoyed as it will return year after year, providing more and more blooms as it matures. Fantastic for most garden soils, as long as they are not waterlogged, this variety produces flowers between four and six inches across which burst into life as their pink petals unfurl to show a deep purpled center. Using Fancy Feathers in any border will provide an intense splash of colors and will have gardeners quickly heading in their direction for a closer look. Papaver Orientale varieties are hardy for zones 3-9 and as such will appear from the soil every spring with quick growth. Easy maintained, this showy packet of 20 poppy seeds will ensure something extra decadent for any garden. And with the bright pink blooms returning year after year, any garden border can have renewed passion.
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