Oriental Poppy Flower Seeds - Royal Chocolate N5

Oriental Poppy Flower Seeds - Royal Chocolate N5

Poppy Seeds. Papaver Orientalis. Papaver Orientale. Oriental Poppies. Perennial flowers. Large maroon ruffled flowers with bold dark basil blotches. A truely stunning hardy hybrid perennial plant. Simply beautiful. Zones 3-9. Perennial. 20 poppy seeds. 
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    Papaver Orientale – Royal Chocolate Oriental Poppies A member of the Papaver Orientale family, Royal Chocolate is a decadent sounding variety with an equally decadent looking flower. With lovely ruffled petals of a maroon hue, Royal Chocolate has dark blotches at the base of each petal to really make its flower pop. Combined with the pale lavender colored pollen, it is a truly exquisite specimen for any garden. Any absolutely stunning variety of Oriental poppy for any garden, Royal Chocolate’s blooms offer something a little different to the traditional perennial poppy. Its large flowers create a stunning sight as they rise up above the border, and with their maroon coloration they will easily catch the eye of any visitors. A perennial poppy, Royal Chocolate will thrive in zones 3-9, appearing in the spring year after year. Growing well in most well drained soil types, the 20 poppy seeds in this pack are best sown in fall or spring for the best results. Offering gardeners a number of plants for their gardens, Royal Chocolate is a beautiful Papaver Orientale variety which will add a sparkle to any garden border.
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