Meconopsis Poppy  Seeds - Welsh  Cambrica R4

Meconopsis Poppy Seeds - Welsh Cambrica R4

Poppy Seeds. Meconopsis Cambrica. Welsh Poppy. Perennial flowers. Wildflower of the British Isles. This genus contains some of the most exquisitely beautiful of all flowering plants. 100 poppy seeds.
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    Meconopsis Cambrica – Welsh Poppy Seeds A beautiful species of Meconopsis hailing from Great Britain, the Welsh Poppy is a fantastic addition to anyone’s garden. Offering a unique and distinct flower and leaf, Meconopsis Cambrica is perfect for anyone wanting to create a woodland garden which shines with natural glory. And with gorgeous yellow flowers and a fine and fern-like foliage, the Welsh poppy is ideal. Best planted in a moist and rich soil which is well drained, Meconopsis Cambrica can quickly start to thrive if conditions are correct. Creating a carpet of yellow flowers in any shady aspect it is perfect for those wanting to create a stunning scene to wow friends and family. Flowering throughout the year, Welsh poppies offer brightly colored yellow blooms that will hang in the air up to 18 inches above the ground. With this packet of 100 poppy seeds, the perfect woodland garden can be created. Sowing the seeds in fall or very early spring will ensure young plants that will survive in zones 3-8 and flower throughout the year. And as long as specimens are not subjected to drought conditions before they are mature, a stunning sight of yellow poppy blooms can easily be achieved.
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