Meconopsis Poppy Flower Seeds - Hensol Violet  R1

Meconopsis Poppy Flower Seeds - Hensol Violet R1

Poppy Seeds. Meconopsis Betonicifolia Poppies. Perennial Flowers. A new violet swing on a garden favorite. Simply beautiful. A fantastic show. This is a very rare and uniquely lovely perennial poppy which grows 2-4 feet tall. This genus contains some of the most exquisitely beautiful of all flowering plants. Special planting instructions included. Zones 3-9. 20 poppy seeds. 
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    Meconopsis Betonicifolia – Hensol Violet Poppy Seeds A rare and gorgeous change to the traditional blue hues of Meconopsis varieties, Hensol Violet offers stunning blooms of deep violet. A fantastic showy plant that will have all visitors talking, Meconopsis Betonicifolia develops glorious blooms three to four inches wide which will enrich any shady aspect and create a stunning sight. Remaining very rare, and sometimes proving a challenge to grow, the attraction of this fabulous variety is that when gardeners succeed, the Hensol Violet is like no other plant. Loving a moist and shady aspect like other Meconopsis varieties, it is perfect for a shady, well drained border. Here, under the dappled shade it will put up beautiful purple flowers that will dazzle and delight all gardeners and visitors. Growing in zones between 3 and 9, this pack of 20 poppy seeds is the perfect starter pack to get growing Hensol Violet poppies. With special planting instructions included, seeds should be sown in fall or very early spring. And for those who are successful with this stunning and treasured Meconopsis variety, patience will be rewarded with one of the most stunning shady borders ever seen.