Iceland Poppy Flower Seeds. Papaver nudicaule. Kelmscott Giant Mix. Poppies #96

Iceland Poppy Flower Seeds. Papaver nudicaule. Kelmscott Giant Mix. Poppies #96



Also called: Icelandic or Iceland poppy.
Kelmscott Giant Mix

Papaver nudicaule – Kelmscott Giant Mix (250 seeds). A beautiful species from the poppy family, Iceland poppies are a delightful addition to any garden. While looking quite similar to that of the California poppy, Papaver nudicaule is a perennial specimen, meaning that gardeners can enjoy this variety year after year without having to sow new plants. Growing to a height of approximately 18 inches, Papaver nudicaule variety Kelmscott Giant Mix offers a radiant bouquet of three inch flowers from white and yellow, to orange and red. Fantastic for placing in borders, pots, or window boxes, Iceland poppies are great plants which thrive in many aspects from full sun to partial shade. They will brighten up any dull area if packed together in a container or when placed in a border, they will provide a fantastic glint of bright hues. Easy to grow, and self seeding at the end of the year, Pastel Shades Mix are a brilliant variety of poppy for any gardener. With this packet of 250 poppy seeds, those living in zones 2 – 9 will find that these specimens take hold easily, surviving the winter, and offering colorful blooms year after year.

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