California Poppy Seeds - Carmine King B4

Poppy Seeds. Eschscholzia Californica. California Poppies. Annual Poppy Flowers. Deep Carmine Rose blooms on a creamy white background. Extremely Showy. An exquisite bicolor poppy for any home garden. Grows 12-18 inches tall. 200 poppy seeds.
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    California Poppies - Carmine King - Poppy seeds Carmine King is possible one of the most dazzling California poppies available. With a fantastic deep rose color to its petals, the palette softens to a gentle cream at the middle creating a bicolor bloom that will take visitors breath away. A member of the Eschscholzia Californica family, it is a profusely flowering species which is extremely showy and perfect for pots, containers, and borders. Developing to a height of between 12 and 18 inches, it is the perfect addition to a flower border. Placed at the edge it will spill onto paths and lawns, bringing its regal looking blooms with it. Alternatively placed a little further back in a border it will create a cascade of flowers intertwined with other plants. It is also ideal for pots, with a tightly planted clump providing a stunning scene of decadent flowers. Annual in its characteristic, Carmine King not only flowers profusely but will offer lots of seeds at the end of the season. Whether allowing to self seed, or collecting seeds for later use, it will ensure that new plants can be grown the next year. And with this pack of 200 poppy seeds, planting in fall or early spring will ensure a bountiful abundance of bi-color blooms for the entire flower gardening season.
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