California Poppy Flower Seeds - Red Chief  H2

California Poppy Flower Seeds - Red Chief H2

Buy Poppy Seeds. Eschscholzia Californica. California Poppies. Annual flowers. An intense blend of orange and red bicolor poppies. Extremely Showy. An exquisite bicolor poppy for any home garden. Supurb in Containers, mixed borders, or stunning when massed on garden edge. Grows 12-18 inches tall, blooms profusely, with finely divided blue-green foliage. They are easy to grow, and will self-sow. They are SO SWEET. Plant in Spring or Fall. 100 poppy seeds. 
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    California Poppy Flower Seeds - Buy Red Chief Poppies For anyone who wants to buy and add a punch of exotic color to their garden, California poppy seed variety Red Chief is perfect. An incredible member of the Eschscholzia Californica family, this annual flower has stunning bicolor blooms of fiery red and intense orange. A stunning flower that will add exotic blooms to any border, Red Chief is a flower that will have all visitors talking. Growing to between 12 and 18 inches tall, Red Chief is perfect to be planted in either the front or middle of a border. Adding a dramatic fire to the middle of any border it will rise up between other plants to stunning appeal with its red blooms and blue-green foliage. Meanwhile, planted next to a path or lawn, its blooms will contrast dramatically with their background. Red Chief is also ideal for sowing in containers or window boxes, adding a dramatic flair to any corner in which it’s situated. An annual flower, Red Chief flowers profusely and at the end of the season will produce an abundance of seeds. These can either be left to self sow, or collected and stored until sowing in the fall or early spring. And with 100 poppy seeds in this packet, Red Chief will quickly add drama and passion to any garden border.