California Poppy Flower Seeds - Jelly Beans K1

California Poppy Flower Seeds - Jelly Beans K1

Poppy Seeds. Eschscholzia Californica. California Poppies. Annual Garden Flowers. California Poppy Jelly Beans. If you love poppies, here is a brand new variety for you. FUN COLORS. Just like a bowl of Jelly Beans. A beautiful mix in shades of orange, pink, salmon, rose, gold and appleblossom. Annual. Grows 12 inches tall. 150 poppy seeds.
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    California Poppy Flower Seeds - Jelly Beans Poppies For those who want to put the fun factor into gardening there is no better poppy than the California Jelly Beans variety. A member of the Eschscholzia Californica family, this variety offers a dazzling mix of blooms with colors straight from a sweet jar. A newly developed specimen, doubled blooms come in palettes of rose, gold, orange, pink, apple-blossom, and salmon, and are a fun take on the traditional California poppy. A lovely variety which grows to between 10 and 12 inches, they are perfect for placing in flower borders or containers. Planted close together in a window box or tub they will explode in a profuse bouquet of blooms to brighten even the dullest of corners. Meanwhile, planting in the flower border, a cascading swathe of fun colors can be created to bring a smile to all. And with beautiful silvery foliage adding to their appeal, no garden should be without this wonderful variety. Like all California poppies, Jelly Beans is an annual variety, resulting in it being easy to grow. It flowers profusely and will happily self seed if allowed too. Planting these 150 poppy seeds in the fall or early spring will allow a wonderful bouquet of sweet inspired colors to develop through the year, bringing smiles and grins to all who see the flowers.
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