Antique Lavender Poppy Seeds A2

Poppy Seeds. Papaver Paeoniflorum. Annual Flowers. Huge, up to 5 inch flowers. Tightly packed, lacy, and fully double Antique Lavender colored poppies. Amazing! Blooms darken with age. Plant in spring or fall. 150 poppy seeds.
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    Antique Lavender Poppy Seeds - Papaver paeoniflorum Poppies. One Stop Poppy Shoppe® Brand. A member of the Papaver Paeoniflorum family, Antique Lavender is an extravagant bloom which will amaze all who see it. A tightly packed flower of lacy, doubled petals, Antique Lavender offers a rich purple hue to the garden palette. Deepening in color as its ages, it is a beautiful poppy species to add to any collection. Growing to between two and three feet high, Antique Lavender may need some support to ensure that it can hold its heavy flower heads to the best of its ability. However, such care will be richly rewarded with large flowers up to five inches across. These heavily petaled flowers offer a magnificent sight to any border or container, and teamed with lighter shades to contrast their color, will add a historic richness to any setting. An annual variety, Antique Lavender grows very easily in most garden soils and will flower abundantly. At the end of the season a large number of seeds will also be produced which can be collected and stored, or left in the seed heads and allowed to self seed. This packet of 150 poppy seeds is best sown in the early spring or fall, and will bring a classic sophistication to any garden.
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