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Perennial Poppy Seeds

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                           If you’re a fan of poppies, I’ve got good news for you; there are perennial varieties too!
  These gorgeous plants will come up year after year as long as you invest and nurture them. That means you’ll have incredible flowers to enjoy for seasons to come.


  There are several popular perennial poppies, one of which is Papaver Orientale, or, as it’s more commonly known, the Oriental poppy. With large furry leaves that appear in the spring, this herbaceous plant throws huge flowers into the air during the late spring and early summer months. You can find hues from bright pink and red, to white and pale purple, meaning there’s always a perfect plant whatever your garden’s color palette is. Giving these plants a good chop back to the soil after they’ve flowered is all you need to do to encourage more growth so that you have healthy poppies that’ll go from strength to strength each year.


  Another popular perennial poppy, and one that’s extremely exotic, is the Meconopsis poppy. With varieties coming from the Himalayas and Wales, these poppies love shady and damp corners; areas of the garden that are notoriously difficult to plant. However, with these poppies you can create an amazing spectacle of electric blue or vivid yellow blooms beneath the canopy of a tree.


  One of the joys of perennial plants is that you don’t have to sow them again and again, and once you’ve germinated a few plants, you can nurture them to full maturity and watch them bloom every season.

                                         We have lots of stunning plants here on One Stop Poppy Shoppe,
                         so feel free to browse and discover the specimens you could have in your own garden!

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