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Papaver somniferum poppy seeds

Papaver somniferum Poppy Seeds

  Papaver somniferum, better known as the Breadseed poppy, is a great garden favorite among many green-fingered folk around the world. Papaver somniferum poppy plants are extremely easy to grow from tiny poppy seed, and as long as they’re planted in well draining soil and placed in a sunny spot, they’ll fill your garden borders with poppy flower color throughout the warmer months of the year.


  Taking their namesake from the fact their small nutty flavored poppy seeds are often used to coat scrumptious loaves and buns, papaver somniferum Breadseed poppies are available to buy in all manner of colors so there’s always something to suit your flower garden palette. For example, Papaver somniferum Album is crisp, white and delicate, while Papaver somniferum Single Scarlet Fringe is a big, blousy poppy that’s sure to attract all the right attention. Then there are open flowers, such as Papaver somniferum Drama Queen, that allow the petals to take centre stage, or the stylish and chic Papaver somniferum Queens, which has salmon-pink blooms in the shape of a tulip.


  If you’re looking for a fantastic poppy that’s easy to care for and will flower without fail, then Papaver somniferum’s are ideal.

         Just take a look at our large collection of poppy seeds to buy and you’ll see how gorgeous they really are.

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