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Poppy seeds     Papaver laciniatum Poppies

  Often known simply as Feathery poppies, Papaver laciniatum is a collection of annual poppies that are loved by gardeners because of their delicate petals. While many varieties in the poppy family have large disc-shaped petals, these beautiful flowers have the edges of their blooms feathered so they look like pom-poms of brightly colored crêpe paper.


  Like the other annual poppy seed varieties, despite their beauty, Feathery poppies are actually very easy to grow. As long as poppy seeds are placed in well draining soil and located in a sunny or partially shady aspect, they’ll thrive. This makes them a great garden plant, either to showcase on their own, or to include in a vibrant and colorful mixed border.


  If you have a dedicated and defined palette in your garden, then there’s no need to compromise if you want to use poppies. Papaver laciniatum come in a variety of hues, from deep violet and red, to salmon pink and raspberry. There’s also a completely white variety, Swansdown White, which is a perfectly complimentary plant.


We have a wide range of the world’s best and favorite Feathery poppy seeds, so don’t hesitate to browse our seeds and and buy poppy seeds in the varieties that will suit your flower garden best.

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