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California Poppies (eshscholzia californica)


  California poppies (Eschscholzia Californica) are a wonderful variety of annual plants that gardeners around the world continue to love. These low growing poppies come in emblazoned hues of bright orange, red and yellow, in addition to some softer specimens of pinks and whites. For the summer garden, they’re a perfect plant, creating an eye-catching feature whether they’re placed in a border or pot, or placed on a balcony.


  Like most annual poppies, Eschscholzia Californica is extremely easy to grow and needs only well draining soil and a sunny aspect in which to thrive. As long as they’re given a frost-free place over winter, they can even be germinated in the fall so you get flowers earlier in the spring than ever before.


  A low growing variety of poppy, California poppies can be used at the front of flower borders where they’ll engage the eye and draw you into the garden. They also make wonderful plants for pots, window boxes and balconies, so there’s no need to miss out these poppies if you haven’t got a garden.

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