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Hello, and Welcome

 Buy Poppy Seeds at One Stop Poppy Shoppe

Welcome to One Stop Poppy Seeds Shoppe.         
       A Place To Buy Poppy Flower Seeds From a Collector.

….the perfect place to seed your passion for poppies. Poppy seeds are all we sell.


  Here at One Stop Poppy Shoppe we love nothing more than seeing beautiful poppy plants burst into flower from seed. Because of this, we’ve gathered some of the world’s most stunning poppies all together in one place. With over 75 poppy seed varieties available for you to buy, there’s something to suit every spot, whether it’s a shady area of the garden that’s unused, or a blazing hot border in desperate need of some new flower color.


  Some of the easiest poppies to grow from seed are annuals, and we’re lucky in the fact that because they reseed themselves, you can enjoy new plants year after year. One of the world’s most recognizable flowers is the Corn Poppy (Papaver rhoeas) with its deep red petals and iconic dark spots. But you’ll soon discover there’s a whole world of poppy seed varieties to explore, including the feathery poppies (Papaver laciniatum), Peony poppies (Papaver paeoniflorum) and Breadseed poppies (Papaver somniferum). And, if you’re looking for something a little different, California poppy flower seeds (Eschscholzia Californica) produce a low growing and eye-catching flower for your garden.


  If you love poppies as much as we do, then you’ll probably be keen to get some perennial plants into your garden also. Luckily, in addition to annuals, there are some incredible poppy species ideal for this, including both Papaver orientale and the Meconopsis plants. Papaver o., commonly known as Oriental poppies, come in a variety of colors and produce huge flowers in the spring months to lighten up sunny borders. Meanwhile, the highly exotic Meconopsis hails from places such as Wales and the Himalayas. These poppy plants are perfect for that damp and dark corner where you’re not sure what will grow. Finally, the dwarf alpine poppy (Papaver alpinium) is perfect for sowing seed in pots or in a rock garden and will surprise many with its dainty and delicate poppy blooms.


  If you’re a poppy lover (and if you’re not already, just looking at these plants is sure to change your mind), then please feel free to browse our poppy seed collection and bookmark us for later. We are happy to ship to anywhere in the USA and Canada.


  So, enough reading…..go on and explore One Stop Poppy Shoppe flower seed shop; you’re sure to fall in love with these beautiful plants, just as we have.



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