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Welcome to One Stop Poppy Shoppe
A place bursting to life with beautiful poppy seeds for your garden.



 With an outstanding range of poppy seeds available to buy, we can be your number one stop for finding the perfect poppy just for you.
More than 75 varieties are available here, catering for all needs, and including some of the rarest and most difficult seed varieties to find from around the world.


 Fantastic, easily grown, and self seeding annuals are on offer, including the popular and vibrant California poppy seeds (Eschscholzia Californica), and the traditional and world recognized Corn Poppy (Papaver Rhoeas). Breadseed poppies (Papaver somniferum) can be found in a range of dazzling colors and petal shapes. Meanwhile Feathery poppies (Papaver laciniatum) and Peony poppies Papaver paeoniflorum will give stunning blooms never before seen, causing excitement from friends and family as they enjoy your garden.


 We also stock a fantastic range of Perennial poppies, including Oriental poppy seeds (Papaver Orientale) which, planted in borders, will provide flowers year after year. The stunning and exotic species of Meconopsis such as the Himalayan Blue and Welsh Poppy will create a gorgeous and welcome addition to a garden’s shady, moist grotto area. And dwarf species including the Alpine poppy (Papaver alpinium) are perfect for a touch of tiny, inspirational loveliness in any garden setting. Offering a huge range of specimens, buying poppy seeds can be the best way of including georgous poppy varieties in your garden, giving you a chance to nurture them into life. In addition, we can fly your poppy seeds to you anywhere in the world* as long as importation of seeds is legal.

 Whether you want to start your poppies collection from scratch, or buy new and exciting specimens to add to your garden, One Stop Poppy Shoppe is the perfect place to find the perfect poppy seeds. And with great prices, and international distribution, bookmark One Stop Poppy Shoppe now and come back for inspiration and poppy seeds like you’ve never seen before.


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 Featured Product
Papaver Somniferum - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Papaver Somniferum - Drop Dead Gorgeous

 This beautiful Breadseed poppy seed variety mix is a fantastic specimen for any garden. Drop Dead Gorgeous offers hues of red, purple and lilac along with a variety of tulip shaped and feathered petals for a showy effect. With soft petals and large blooms, it will stand proud in any garden, rising 3 to 4 feet in a border.


Alternatively known as the Florist Poppy, Breadseed varieties offer single poppy blooms on long stalks which will tower architecturally through border plants. Once petals have dropped, a beautiful poppy seed pod develops, perfect for flower arranging or leaving in a border over winter to catch the crystals of frost and snow.


Annual by nature, this Papaver Somniferum variety mix will produce an abundant amount of poppy seeds at the end of the season. Self seeding easily and quickly harvested, these seeds will ensure that a continuing number of wonderful poppies can be found in gardens year after year. They are incredibly easy to grow and whether sown in the fall or spring, these poppy seeds will invigorate any garden with beautiful poppies.



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